Sorry for the wait

We would like to say, sorry for the wait. We know that we haven’t been uploading information as much as we should be and for that we would like to say we are sorry. Now that we have moved our site into new hands we will be able to add content like we used to. We had to make some pretty big changes around here but that has now been done and we can begin to do things the way we used to. We hope you all can wait just a little longer before we start to unleash all the work we have been building up.

Open for business

While we were gone we were still working hard. We have been able to big up a very large amount of content that we will be able to give to you in one giant burst. We believe this will make up for the time we were gone and it will give you content to digest for the foreseeable future. Just a bit longer until our developers get everything taken care of and then it’s go time. Hold onto your hats, this is going to be a wild ride! 🙂