Our First Fishing Tackle Review

Waders TestingIt took long enough but we finally have enough content to start drip feeding it out to all of you. We have had our inbox flooded by all of you asking when we were going to start putting our reviews out and the time has finally come. We needed to make sure that we had everything ready to go and properly optimized so all of you can easily read and understand the information we are presenting to you. We used some rather technical equations and algorithms to come to our conclusions so we needed to make sure we had it in an easily digestible format so you would easily be able to read, understand and interpret the information we were presenting.

So the time has finally come! The first item we will be covering is…fishing waders.

You would be surprised how many waders we went through to get you this information! Its amazing the number of wader providers out there and you would be surprised which ones held up to the test we put them through. We first started by have one of our employees cover up all of the identification markers so we had no idea which product was associated to which company to make it a truly even fishing tackle comparisons. This ensured we entered the testing with as little bias as possible. We tested 5 separate waders per person and we put them all through the same tests.

Most of the testing was putting the waders through your general everyday use but we also made sure to add in some extreme conditions to make sure that if an angler found themselves in a situation like that their waders would be able to handle such a scenario. Things we did to them included:

  • Standard fishing from the shore
  • Fishing in deep water
  • Walking through knee deep mud
  • Running them over a rocky ground
  • Abusing them with clubs to inflict maximum damage


The last test was put into place to simulate years of damage that can be expected. We put the fishing waders through this punishment and then we took them out and put them through all the same tests again. The represents the way the waders would act right out of the box and when you could expect them to act like once you have them for a few year. Of course this did not take into consideration things such as dry rot or sun damage but we tried our best to emulate what the waders might be like after a decade of use and damage.

Testing Fishing WadersThey all held up surprisingly well for the most part and right out of the box it was hard to pick one that was truly better than the other. They all performed very well for the most part with a few exceptions but this was generally due to user error. Things such as boots coming lose due to poor tying or rips in the material due to faulty knife work or hooks. Yes, we did actually fish in these wader (we’re not going to spend a day out on the water and not fish).

So after a full day on the water we came to the conclusion that if you were to buy any of the name brand waders now a days you can’t go wrong. We found it very hard to distinguish between them and generally speaking they all held up the same for the most part. Of course personal preference will come into effect if you wish to have pockets or whether or not you wish to have bootless waders of all in one waders. These things didn’t make much of a change in regards to how the waders held up over time.

Our Conclusion: If you were to buy waders nowadays you can’t go wrong with buying any of the top brands because those were the ones we tested and they all held up to the test we out them through with flying colors. Both all in one waders with the boots attached as well as bootless waders. The waterproofing and rigidity of all of the waders were exceptional and held up to everyday abuse with no problem. Once we best them with a club we could see some noticeable damage (duh) but this still had little effect on the reliability of the waders themselves.

With this being said you can visit out Facebook page for more information about the specific brands we tested and some videos that cover the exact tests we conducted while we were conducting them. If you’ve made it this far into the overview then you would love to see some of the actual testing. Some of the tests were your general testing that you would expect but we also make sure to put our own twist on things to make sure that they are different and unique to our testing and team.

We would like to thank you for reading this post! If you have any additional question you can reach us through our contact page or you can reach out to use through social media, we would love to hear from you. Look forward to our next testing piece where we will be covering fishing nets and how strong they really are. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on this piece and we can’t wait to reveal the results of our next test!

Sorry for the wait

We would like to say, sorry for the wait. We know that we haven’t been uploading information as much as we should be and for that we would like to say we are sorry. Now that we have moved our site into new hands we will be able to add content like we used to. We had to make some pretty big changes around here but that has now been done and we can begin to do things the way we used to. We hope you all can wait just a little longer before we start to unleash all the work we have been building up.

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